Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Foodie Fives

I got this in an email from a visitor and I thought it would be fun. If you complete this meme, let me know. I would love to read other posts.

Five snacks you enjoy:

1. Whole, unsalted almonds
2. Baked corn chips and simple guacamole (avocados, salt, pepper and grated onion - that's all!)
3. Coffee is sometimes a snack for me. In the afternoon, I love a cup of orange coffee from Fresh Market
4. I have been known to eat a can of asparagus spears. Just open, drain, dump on a plate and eat.
5. A sweet, juicy navel orange

Five culinary luxuries you would indulge in if you were a millionaire:

1. Visit all of the best places to eat in New York City
2. Recreate a Shirley Valentine moment and have dinner and wine in Mykonos, Greece on Agios Ioannis beach at sunset.
3. Have a picnic dinner one summer evening at the Jazz In Park Festival in Carlsbad, CA.
4. Open a restaurant on a beach somewhere in Florida and have Mike and Chris each develop a dish to serve there.
5. Once a month on a Friday night, eat Buffalo shrimp, drink Mojitos and mingle with all of the tourists at Frenchy's on Clearwater Beach.

Five foods you love to cook/bake:

1. Sauteed mushrooms with caramelized shallots and truffle oil, appetizers, served with goat cheese and crostini
2. Cakes - any kind
3. Pork Osso Bucco ( a new recipe I created from a dish I ordered at McEwen's in Memphis)
4. Chicken scallopini (chicken with pancetta, artichokes and capers, with a lemon, wine and cream sauce). I copied the dish from Macaroni Grill.
5. Christmas cookies

Five foods you cannot/will not eat:

Okay, do I look like someone who doesn't like to eat something?? Well, how would you know because I refuse to post a photo of myself. You will have to trust me when I say, there are not a lot of things I refuse to eat. But, I do have my standards and so...

1. Raw oysters! Ewwwww!
2. Blow fish
3. Pig's feet
4. Hominy
5. Bugs of any kind.

Five favorite culinary toys:

1. A good knife
2. Non-stick frying pan
3. A microplane
4. Cuisinart food processor
5. KitchenAid mixer

Five dishes that would be on your "last meal" menu:

1. My son, Mike's, Buffalo wings with Chef Paul Prudomme's onion-y blue cheese dressing
2. Veal Romano from Henry's in Carlsbad
3. My son, Chris', shrimp ravioli with herbed cream sauce.
4. Tom's Creme Brulee
5. A bottle each of Marrietta's Angeli Cuvee and Moet- Chandon White Star Champagne

Five happy food memories:

1. Anytime I have been privileged to be served anything my sons have prepared.
2. Tasting Tom's Shrimp Marinati when it turned out just perfect, a recipe he created to copy the shrimp dish that we had nearly every weekend at Vinny's in Carlsbad.
3. Buying head-on, fresh-off-the-boat shrimp at a small fish market in Indian Rocks Beach, FL, going back to our camp trailer where Tom made New Orleans Barbecued Shrimp with it. We sat outside at a picnic table and ate dinner.
4. My Grandma Tobey's potato salad. There was nothing better.
5. Tom, Mike, Chris and me celebrating New Years Eve at Le Petit Pier in Tahoe Vista, CA

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