Sunday, August 26, 2007

Two Posts in One Day?? Wha The???

Well, okay, yes I am posting twice today simply because I used something from last night's dinner for our brunch this morning ~ the Cilantro Sauce.

Last night's dinner of Tortilla Crusted Chicken Rellenos with Cilantro Sauce was awesome. Of course we have leftovers. Tom only made three Chicken Rellenos (he thought he had four chicken breast halves, but he only had three). Anyway, we have one Chicken Relleno left and about 1/2 cup of the delicious Cilantro Sauce (see recipe post below).

Now, I adapted this recipe from a simple little breakfast sandwich that my son, Mike, made when we were there for Christmas. I think they got the idea from a fast-food place (don't remember which one), but it was tasty.

I buy a large plastic box of croissants from Sam's Club, put them in a large ziplock bag and freeze them to use for a couple of weeks or more. We use them for sandwiches and breakfast. This particular breakfast sandwich is so easy and tasty.

Oh, by the way, I know the paper plate is pretty cheesy looking, but it's left over from our July 4th camping trip. Gotta use 'em up somehow!

Breakfast Croissant

2 sandwich size croissants
ham, sliced very thin
2 eggs
2 slices sharp cheddar cheese
Cilantro Sauce (see recipe in the previous post)

Cut the croissants in half. Put the ham on the croissant first. Top the ham with one slice of cheddar cheese per sandwich. Set aside.

Cook the eggs to your liking. We like sunnyside up, but scrambled works just as well.

Before placing the egg on top of the cheese, put the croissant (with the ham and cheese) in the microwave and cook for about 15 to 20 seconds at high power, just to melt the cheese slightly. Remove from the microwave, top with a cooked egg. Spread the Cilantro Sauce on the top part of the croissant and put it on top of the stacked ham, cheese and egg. Serve immediately.


Kristen said...

That looks like a great way to start the day!

Terri said...

I love something more than eggs for breakfast, don't you?

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