Friday, January 2, 2009

AeroGarden - Week 3

Actually, it was 3-1/2 weeks when I took these photos.

We left Monday, December 22nd, for a week to visit our son and his family in Savannah. I topped off the water tank before I left, but did not add any additional nutrients for fear of overfeeding and burning the roots. When we arrived home seven days later, the "add water" and "add nutrients" lights were flashing. The tank did, indeed, need water. The water level was down about 1/2 an inch. And, the plants had grown tall enough to require raising the dome one notch.

That is all I've done since I set-up and started my AeroGarden: add water and nutrient tabs. It couldn't be more simple and as you can see, everything is growing very well. I think I will be able to begin harvesting herbs in a couple of weeks.


Bunny said...

My husband wanted to get me one of these and I didn't know how it would grow and what it would be like, I'm going to show him this...then I'l probably have to listen to him say....I told you so! LOL!!

Proud Italian Cook said...

Wow, I'm impressed! I'd like some of that basil! I just paid 3.99 for some at Trader Joes!

Terri said...

Bunny: I promise you, it is easy! At least so far. I will keep you posted.

Marie: That's what finally made me buy this thing. I paid $4 for basil and the next day less than half of it was usable. I was excited when I used 5 basil leaves yesterday! But, then, I'm easily amused!

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